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PVC Mesh
Technical parameters
Category Weight Substrate Application Width
Coated Mesh 200gsm 250D 19x21 Mesh 1.02-3.20m
Coated Mesh 300gsm 1000D 9x9 Mesh 1.02-3.20m
Coated Mesh 350gsm 1000D 12x12 Mesh 1.02-3.20m
Coated Mesh 500gsm 2000D 3x3 Mesh 1.02-3.20m
Coated Mesh 400gsm 1000D 14x14 Mesh 1.02-3.20m
  • 1.Eco-friendly, Heavy metal free, Phthalates Free, Compliance with REACH;
  • 2.Strong physical strength: Tensile, Tearing, Peeling;
  • 3.Various flammability standards available for customers from different origin, e.g. B1/B2/NFPA701/M1/M2;
  • 4.Specail treatment like Anti-cold, Anti-UV, Anti-salt-corrosion and Anti-fungus provides outstanding weather resistance
  • 5.Slef cleaning, after Lacquering or PVDF;
  • 6.Water proof, colorful, and easy welding, suitable for lots of field..
  • Buildings & Architecture: Membrane Structure, Tents, Canopies, Awnings, Parking Shade, Retractable Tent, Roller Door, Garden Fense
  • Sports & Recreation: Bouncy Castle, Inflatable Trampoline, Gym Mat, Inflatable Boat, Swimming Pool, SUP Board, Snow Cycle, etc.
  • Safety & Protection: Oil Fense, Pool Cover, Warning Sign, Workwear Apron, Stud-farm Fense, Air Duct
  • Transport & Logistic: Truck Cover, Truck Side Curtain, Tonneau Cover, Container Top-cover, etc
  • Bags & Containers: Water Bag, Folder, Water Tank, Bags
  • Husbandry & Agriculture: Converyer Belt, Farm Curtain, Green House
  • Medical & Health: Medical Mattress, Body Bag, Pet Bed
  • Printing & Advertisinig: Advertisement, Lable Printing
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